The current ACMA Committee members are:
President: Tim Opie
Vice President: Lindsay Vickery
Secretary: Malcolm Riddoch
Treasurer: Cat Hope
Publications Officer: Sarah Keith
Promotions Officer: Alex Mesker
Membership Officer: Cat Hope
Public Officer: Warren Burt
List Officer: Ian Whalley
Area Representatives: John Coulter (New Zealand)

 ACMA Constitution
Rules of the Australasian Computer Music Association Incorporated – Revised July 1999

Duties of Committee Members
Some of the official duties of office bearers are listed here.

Annual General Meeting – Minutes
The AGM is held during the course of each ACMC at which time the Committee is elected and major decisions about the running of ACMA are made.

AGM Minutes 2001
AGM Minutes 2002
AGM Minutes 2003
AGM Minutes 2004
AGM Minutes 2005
AGM Minutes 2006
AGM Minutes 2007
AGM Minutes 2008
AGM Minutes 2009
AGM Minutes 2010
AGM Minutes 2011
AGM Minutes 2012

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